Hydroxychloroquine is a very serious and potent drug. It was used originally to treat malaria but came also to be used to treat certain forms of rheumatoid arthritis. It is generally used with only great caution when other drugs do not do the job and only then by specialists such as Rheumatologists who are trained and experienced in its use.

There are circumstances where a drug may have a beneficial effect on another condition but those are rare. The medical community knows that any drug must be properly cleared for use by the FDA (Food and Drug Association) before using. The FDA provides extensive trials and testing before they approve any drug and this usually takes many years. Their concern is whether the drug cures the condition, in a reliable and reproducible fashion, while not harming the patient.

The FDA does have a “fast track” procedure as well for situations where there is an emergency where we do not have a drug to deal with a problem. The can provide a priority review of the drug as well as accelerated approval. But even in these cases they go through a rigorous process. This process has not been provided for either Hydroxychloroquine or Azothromycin with respect to CLOVID-19 (C-19). Thus far then there is nothing more than unreliable and skimpy anecdotal evidence that either of these drugs, alone or in combination, can provide any definitive treatment of the CORONA VIRUS itself.

I would not recommend using a drug for a condition where the FDA hasn’t approved the drug for that exact condition after proper and rigorous testing. Any drug can cause serious side effects which can be as bad or worse than the disease being treated. Hydroxychloroquine is particularly a drug that can cause great harm. It can cause or aggravate severe eye problems as well as heart disease and a great number of other conditions.

At MedWitness, Ltd. (MedWitness.com) we do medical malpractice cases all over the Country and where a doctor improperly prescribes either of these medications to you and it ends up causing harm then you may have a very good medical malpractice case. In the spirit of helping during this crises, we are going to provide free medical expert case reviews for this issue for anyone requesting one so please call us if you need us (847.673.4422). Better yet, wait for the FDA to tell you that it’s absolutely OK to take the drug in the first place.