MedWitness, LTD. has put together a training course and a training booklet for healthcare providers interested in working in this field.

Years of experience has been condensed into both which will assist you in properly starting your own Medical Expert Witness Practice and avoiding numerous potential time consuming and financially costly mistakes. Topics that are covered in the manual cover all of the necessary aspects to operate such a business from the fields of medicine, law and business.

This is a very lucrative field where there is essentially no direct patient contact and which can be operated out of a small home or medical office.

The course is an actual training seminar where we personally teach you to open and operate a Medical Expert Practice. this course is a few days long and is offered personally or virtually. There then follows a 6 month period where we are available to you to assist as needed for on going cases or questions related to the business. The pamphlet is a less expensive alternative to the course and contains all of the basic information. the pamphlet alone, without the personal training, is sufficient to start your practice but lacks the detail, breadth and questioning available with a one on one actual course.

Please contact us for additional information on the course including costs. The cost of the course depends to some degree on your current experience and on your goals and requests. The course is taught by business experts and licensed physicians and so costs are calculated on an hourly fair market value for medical and other experts depending on the specialty. The cource can range from $750.00 - $1,500.00 / hour depending on the type of expert(s) needed and the medical-legal subject matter.. We always offer a free consultation to discuss the variables and charges so that an agreed upon price is set before we start. This course is designed to be a hands on training system.