By Stephen J. Morewitz

The role of behavioral and social sciences in the courtroom setting has expanded exponentially in the past few decades.  It is now widely recognized that scientists in these areas provide critical contextual information for legal decision making, and that there is a reliable knowledge base for doing so.  While there are many handbooks of forensic psychology, this is the first such volume to incorporate sociological findings, broadening the conceptual basis for examining cases in both the civil and criminal realms, including immigration issues, personal injury, child custody, and sexual harassment. 

This volume will examine the responsibilities of expert witnesses and consultants, and how they may utilize principles, theories and methods from both sociology and psychology.  It will show these disciplines together can improve the identification and apprehension of criminals, as well as enhance the administration  of justice by clarifying profiles of criminal behavior, particularly in cases of serial killers, death threat makers, stalkers, and kidnappers.  The volume is quite comprehensive, covering a range of medical, school, environmental and business settings.  Throughout it links basic ideas to real applications and their impact on the justice system.

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