It is a very serious matter if and when a State Medical Board brings charges against a licensed physician. We have either or both lawyers and medical experts to review such charges and help in the doctor's defense. We have been involved in many different types of Board defense cases including allegations related to opiate prescribing, billing procedures, medical necessity, kickbacks and fitness for practice. We urge any physician facing a State Medical Board Notice or Charge to take the action very seriously and act upon it as soon as possible. We have found that at times physicians fail to comprehend the seriousness of what's going on or feel that they can informally handle the matter in their due time. These are potential fatal mistakes as the State Board would not take these actions absent what they believe is good cause shown and where they believe that they will be able to prove their case and impose very serious sanctions.

Our goal in such cases is to quickly ascertain the entire factual premise of the case and immediately involve a highly qualified expert in the appropriate field. We can often times refer the physician to a competent attorney if needed and we ourselves also confer with our in house attorney(s). Nothing is more effective in these matters than a quick response, with attention to details, by a competent team, capable of imposing a formidable defense. We advise doctors in general not to try to approach anyone alone as doctors are not lawyers and are often times very nervous under these circumstances. Concluding, it is as harmful to the physician to be too comfortable as it is to be too uncomfortable.