There is a large amount of fraud & abuse in our society where Government billing for health care is concerned. Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Physical Therapy Centers and individual doctor practices can over bill the Government for medical services and devices as can pharmacies, drug manufacturers and medical device manufacturers as well as brokers and sellers. The amount of the fraudulent over charges to the Government is enormous, literally in the billions of dollars, which then obviously effects our taxes which have to be raised to cover for the waste and losses. The U.S. Government, for the most part, cannot and does not check medical bills coming in as they do not have the systems or manpower to do that properly. Many private insurance companies can better check bills before they are paid thus preventing payment of a fraudulent bill whereas the Government ordinarily just pays bills presented to it and maybe checks them later after payment is made. This allows well organized fraudsters to run off with huge amounts of money which may never be noticed or recovered.

The Government has thus instituted a system where all of the honest, everyday working people needed by the fraudsters to actually do the physical billing, or other services, can have an avenue to observe and report irregularities all the way up to pure fraud (The Whistle Blower). The Government makes it worthwhile to do this because it will pay up to around 35% of the amount recovered to the whistle blower. This can at times be an extremely high number coming to millions of dollars.

At MedWitness we provide a no charge medical expert review of the claim to make sure that it is meritorious medically. We then assign an attorney to represent you on the claim before the U.S. Government and/or the Federal Court. There is never any charge for our services in these cases unless there is a recovery.