Terms & Conditions

MedWitness, Ltd. is not a law firm, has no right to practice law and assumes no legal duties.

MedWitness, Ltd. does not make any guarantees about the outcome of any case.

All acts and agreements, oral or written, by MedWitness, Ltd. are made only in Cook County, IL. where sole jurisdiction and choice of law exists for any legal disputes.

MedWitness, Ltd. does not independently authenticate expert witness credentials and makes no representations in that regard. Litigants must verify the credentials of any expert retained to make sure they are valid and up to date. No guarantees are made that any particular court will or will not find an expert qualified for any particular case.

MedWitness, Ltd. shall in no case ever be liable for any amount greater than the amount paid for its service(s). The only legal theory upon which liability can be based is contract law. No tort law liability shall ever attach. The limitations period to initiate a legal action shall be 60 days from the date that payment is depositied in our bank.

The terms herein apply to any and all agents of MedWitness, Ltd.

In the event that a legal action is ever instituted that violates any of the foregoing terms then any and all defendants shall be entitled to all attorney's fees, other fees (including expert's) and costs required to defend the action irrespective of the outcome on the merits.

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