Professional Services

We locate medical experts to review and testify in any type of case involving medical malpractice, personal injury, and disability.

Nature of the Service

We obtain medical experts in any field of medicine and surgery who will evaluate the case for merit and testify if merit exist. MedWitness, Ltd. is provided with a cover letter which sets forth the areas of concern. The expert medical witness reviews the records. The medical expert lists all of the medical errors found pursuant to the allegations of medical malpractice submitted. Where negligent medical care is found to be the causative basis for the damages/injuries, then, the medical expert witness will so testify.

Licensed Physicians

All of the medical expert witnesses are licensed physicians.

The medical records are reviewed by licensed physicians who are medical experts in their respective fields. All defense theories to claims of medical malpractice are anticipated and appropriate responses are formulated. Appropriate medical expert witnesses are produced for any field of health care in medicine and surgery.

Fast Turn Around Time

Our turn around time is usually less than ten (10) days. We will review the medical records and contact you immediately upon completion. We have an expedited service option for faster turn around times down to same day service.

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