Our goal is to take hundreds of hours of time learning about medicine and looking for experts off your shoulders and to provide you with medical experts who understand how to do this job. Medical litigation is not for most doctors and it certainly is not for those who are faint of heart or can't properly work with an attorney. Law firms often make the mistake of thinking that any medical expert may do but this is absolutely not the case.
We have extensive experience in getting the right expert and applying a multi-specialty approach to finding additional medical points in support of your case which the average doctor doing this as a hobby or a one off retirement activity cannot do. Lawyers can call us anytime to either discuss the facts and merits of the case or to arrange for a free review of the case medical records.

We provide a NO MERIT- NO CHARGE review with no obligation whatsoever. We alternatively provide direct referral to medical experts for a basic referral fee for those who rather not have an on going consultant.  For those who choose to have MedWitness assist in their case we provide a physician - JD to be your constant contact person. This expert is available to you as the case progresses to help explain medical issues and theories. This person will also assist by suggesting and offering assistance in drafting of medical questions for deposition and trial. Opposing medical experts are well prepared for testifying and so to overcome this we apply overwhelming medical expertise for you to break down your opponent's defenses and remover their lawyer from any meaningful participation in the process.

“If you don't know where you're going you'll probably end up somewhere else.”