The Social Security Administration provides social security disability payments to persons of all ages who suffer from a qualified and recognized condition of ill being which prevents working. The Government is very strict with respect to approving claims for this type of coverage and so it is important that you submit a properly organized and medically supported claim from the outset. If you do not properly present the claim you could be rejected for coverage or forced to re do everything or even have to take an appeal. These are all very time consuming and expensive prospects which may or may not result in approval of benefits.

MedWitness has medical experts in all fields of medicine with experience in preparing medical reports for Government and Court. Your official Medical Report is possibly the single most important document you can submit and so it makes sense to do this right from the beginning. Our medical doctors have experience at this whereas your private doctor does not. This is all we do. Further, we have access to experienced lawyers as needed during the application process.

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