We review medical records to ascertain if a person has been negligently injured and establish viable medical legal theories for prosecution. We get medical experts to testify and provide on-going medical consulting. We have medical experts for any type of medical issue anywhere in the Nation in both State and Federal Court.

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"If your adversary surrenders it's only because he cannot beat you."

Use MedWitness to consult on your case.
Use MedWitness to refer and expert witness for your case.
Use MedWitness to consult on your case.






CONTACT MEDWITNESS TO CONSULT FIRST AT NO CHARGE AND REFER TO AN EXPERT. An experienced medical-legal consultant will review your case with you on the phone. We will review the records and provide other suggestions regarding medical theories, damages and other possible defendants. Multi-speciality physicians can give a better overall assessment of the case. Where case merit exists we then obtain and coordinate the expert(s) with you.

HAVE MEDWITNESS REFER YOU DIRECTLY TO AN EXPERT Your requested expert will be referred directly to you for a non-refundable set fee of $850 per expert to be paid at the time of referral.  The expert(s) will thereafter charge you directly for their services.  You can always call us to discuss your case approach at any time just in case something comes up or you feel that we can help answer a medical question or suggest theories.  You are free to call us for the appropriate choice of experts.  There is no charge for this service.

CALL MEDWITNESS TO SPEAK ABOUT YOUR CASE. Have questions on how best to proceed? Feel your case is complicated or confusing. Please don't hesitate to give us a call at (847) 673-4422.

"Layers are rarely paid from the neck down."

MedWitness, Ltd. provides lawyers with many choices when it comes to any type of medical case whether it be Medical Malpractice, Enterprise Liability i.e. Hospital and Nursing Home Malpractice, Personal Injury and Disability. We can simply match you with an appropriate medical expert or we can provide more hands on consulting where an experienced physician trained in law, for no charge, further reviews your case in house and discusses it with you before an expert is selected. It is often times the case that a lawyer may not see another theory for the case where perhaps having a second expert may be wise. It is also sometimes prudent to at least discuss the need of separating experts on one theory where one expert may be better to discuss standard of care issues and another may be much more suited to discuss damages and causation.

These are things that really should be contemplated at the very beginning of the case. The idea is to posture the case as strongly and as completely as possible from day one. We do not subscribe to the theory that medical cases can be begun weakly and finished strongly because it is many times the case that a physician who says one thing at the beginning of the case may come to see the day that this is impeached either at deposition or trial. It is then too late for a do-over.

Our experience is that the firms who prepare early enjoy better success. We never force our will but we do suggest. At the end of the day we fully realize that it is not our case but yours and that we are not to run your case but that you are. We feel we have done our job as professionals once we make the appropriate medical suggestions and nothing more. We never feel insulted if and where counsel disagrees with us as we totally respect that. 

In the same vein we also spend time with the proposed medical experts on a case so that they know exactly what they're needed to do. It is pretty much always the case that lawyers and doctors speak different languages, think differently and come from different backgrounds. Our experience is that our ability to serve as an intermediary between you and the expert allows for a much better case posturing. The fact is that we as doctors are always going to be better at communicating with and getting through to doctors than lawyers. Things thus get done better and faster.

Finally, we have also found that it is extremely helpful and comforting for a lawyer to know that medical expertise is only one phone call away for the entire pendancy of the case. Within reason, we provide at no charge, on going medical assistance so that you're always medically on top of your case.

We even have a service where we'll prepare medical deposition and trial questions of such detail that it forces the opposing expert to admit every last medical point you need and completely removes opposing counsel from any meaningful participation in the interchange. Such cases are much more likely to settle before trial.