MedWitness, Ltd. is always interested in associating with quality medical experts.

We are looking for experts who are interested in testifying in all kinds of medical matters, such as: Commercial litigation related to a medical issue or invention, medical malpractice, personal injury, worker's compensation and physician license defense matters.

MedWitness also provides a consulting service for physicians who wish to own their own medical expert company.

We have the experience and resources to train physicians to start, run and operate a fully functioning medical expert agency. You will learn or be assisted with such things as business licensing, copyright protection, medical-legal training including Rules of Procedure and Evidence, marketing and the entire medical process for a court case. Many years of experience and knowledge are compressed into a two day private training seminar which will leave you prepared to quickly hit the ground running and in the right direction. All necessary topics are covered in the training such as the above and such things as, how to medically review records with an eye to legal issues, matching medical experts to legal cases and preparing law firms for medical depositions and trials. We also provide 6 months of additional consulting as needed as part of the package. Executive and other marketing services are thereafter available on month to month basis.

If you have any issues using our online forms please give us a call at (847) 673-4422.

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