MedWitness, Ltd. is always looking to associate with quality medical experts. If you have any interest in possibly being part of the Medical-Legal world we'd very much like to speak with you directly.  Unlike many services we operate a little differently. To begin with we do realize that physicians are not born with legal expertise. Functioning as a medical expert in the legal process does in fact require a physician to change gears a little bit to get comfortable with and understand legal thinking and reasoning.

We take the time to assign a physician also trained in law to personally speak with all of our new medical experts. By doing this we can answer a lot of your questions and we can offer some helpful suggestions. We, unlike almost every witness service, do not just have a computer sign you up and assume you're ready to do this very serious job.

We see our role as being available to our experts at any time to assist with legal procedures, medical issues and billing questions as requested. If an expert is going to have a type of longevity in this field the expert has to be careful what he says and does from day one in the Judicial system.

We are also different from other services in that we never control any experts directly but rather have the law firm retain and pay you. In this manner you can never be accused of having some sort of conflict of interest as an expert. Experts who feel they are experienced enough to forego the need for any type of discussions may simply just proceed in that fashion. We provide the availability as a service for those who may want it only.

If you have any issues using our online forms please give us a call at (847) 673-4422.

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