It should be understood by the public that advanced nations have strict guidelines for the approval of medical procedures and/or medication uses. The general process for such approval involves a multi-step process. The first step in the process is for the drug, device or procedure to be approved by the Government as being legal to use. This is a very basic step which in no way assures success of anything.

The success of any new medical process rather depends on the reasoned and intelligent use of the newly approved procedure by the medical doctors who practice medicine and actually have the State authority to prescribe it or not. The mere fact that the U.S. Government has approved something is not determinative for the medical profession at all. The Government must show by clear and convincing evidence that it’s approval was wisely and providently given and this means that it was tethered to the quality of the medical testing done. In short, the medical profession cannot and does not rely upon the Government’s decision alone. This is only the starting point.

The medical profession will always perform peer reviewed research trials and it is those trials which practicing doctors rely upon. No matter what the Government or a politician says about a medical procedure this has no weight on the medical profession. Nor should it. Accordingly, even if a procedure is approved by the Government it will thereafter be subjected to rigorous and lengthy medical profession and peer reviewed testing. Only after years of successful testing will a procedure receive actual medical profession approval for use. Any doctor who uses a procedure before the above occurs or simply because the Government said it’s OK will be committing gross medical malpractice and be subject to all kinds of law suits and State license actions.

It is for these reasons that no matter what “cure” is touted by the Government, for COVID-19 for example, there will be no immediate use of that so called “cure” for years to come and only after serious and rigorous testing. The vast majority of doctors simply will not prescribe the new procedure until it is proven efficacious by proper testing. They know that to do otherwise would be dangerous to the public and to themselves. We should all be thankful that the medical profession serves as the great speed bump between political expediency and the public health.

It should again be remembered that COVID-19 is never going to be defeated by political fiat or by throwing the kitchen sink at it. It is the medicalprofession which must act as the great learned intermediary here. There are those of course who would always prefer to go by political fiat, such as those who took Hydroxychloroquine, as I have previously discussed. We all know now that didn’t work just as the medical profession said it wouldn’t. And we should all thank the medical profession for having stuck to the science and not giving in to anything but science.