I am having a hard time understanding why people are vaping more these days and smoking less. There are a lot of news reports about people vaping and the dangers associated therewith. The fact is that if the switch was made to eliminate danger than it should be realized that nothing good to that end has happened. The truth is that both activities are dangerous to your health.

Smoking cigarettes has been known to cause lung disease, heart and blood vessel disease and cancer of various parts of the airway for years. The reason(s) for this are that cigarettes are extremely hot and full of toxic chemicals. Temperatures of inhaled smoke range in the vicinity of 600 degrees (F) which is 50% hotter than an oven. The tissue lining the airway from mouth to lungs is not designed to handle the heat imposed by a cigarette. This tissue is lined with cilia as well which are also not designed to survive such heat. The cilia are the brushes which prevent dirt and germs from falling down into the lungs and which otherwise pump it out. Once these cells are burned alive they are ultimately replaced by scar tissue which does not have these properties. You are then subject to getting all sorts of infections in the lungs such as pneumonia and bronchitis and allergies. Moreover, chronic heat trauma leads to cancer of any of these tissues.

The intense heat of the cigarette burns the tobacco into around 5,000 different chemicals, over 150 of which are absolute known toxin-poisons. A short but powerful list of known toxins in cigarette smoke are; Arsenic, Benzene, Ammonia, Formaldehyde, Radioactive Metals such as Lead 210 (Pb-210) and Polonium 210 (Po -210). There are also many Nitrogen Compounds and of course Nicotine. Once in the system these chemicals reach (via the circulatory system) and are toxic to every organ in the body.

Vaping also has chemicals, tars and heat which is just as damaging as a cigarette. Some better vaping products do have a temperature control mechanism which may provide some help on that subject but that may also have an effect on the chemical side of the issue? In summation then, this article is not intended to tell people not to smoke but only to let them know some facts they may have not known about smoking. It is certainly not as detailed as it could be as much more is known about smoking than was discussed here. But it is clear enough that vaping and smoking are truly uncontrolled fires in your mouth.