Medical Doctors have much been in the news lately because of the COVID- 19 pandemic of 2020. It seems like an appropriate time to explain what medical doctors are and how they get there. A big reason that this is a good time for this is because a certain but significant segment of the American people don’t seem to know. It does seem strange that we have such a core of people but we do.

Medical doctors are also referred to as physicians. They diagnose and treat Human ailments. They must all go through a rigorous period of about 20 years of training and education where they also must perform at the highest levels of their generation and regularly pass very stringent tests. They are required along the way to not only learn but master very complex concepts of chemistry, biology, physics and math and then sit for and pass a deeply rigorous State medical examination to be licensed to practice medicine. The field of medicine places its practitioners in the unique position of all professions of having to deal, in real time, with life and death. In short, in this profession there is no room for educated guesswork or time to do extra research or politicalization of disease. Decisions have to be made in real time and they have to be right. Doctors don’t have the luxury of being able to “fake” their way through something or tell a patient something that isn’t even true for example. There’s no changing stories day by day as that will be fatal for the patient every time.

Given the above it is hard to comprehend how non-doctors in America can or would even try to practice medicine or espouse medical theories. I have always found it most interesting how the people that actually do this always have a licensed physician whom they go to and whom they take advice from. I have to wonder why anyone would listen to such people? It’s also interesting that this was never before a problem in our nation. Historically, people knew that doctors were the best profession to listen to for matters of Human illness. But, again, for some reason significant swaths of people now have other ideas.

Particularly germane at the present time is of course the pandemic. Doctors and medical scientists have done controlled studies proving certain things are good for COVID-19 care, certain things are useless and certain things are dangerous. In spite of this exhausting and fine work certain swaths of people, school districts and other governing bodies are refusing to accept the results. They are dying and causing death and injury in the millions when they listen to others but they do quite well when they listen to doctors. These are facts and these are not unexpected facts.

But it is amazing that we’re the only nation on Earth that has such an extensive number of ignorant actors. Even though the vast majority of our people are not this ignorant the ignorant actors are adversely effecting us all and so I thought I’d try to explain to them, in wonderment that they even would need such explanation, what doctors are and why they should maybe listen to them. In conclusion, the hard fact is that the group of people who think they know the medical field better than doctors do, will soon shrink in numbers to a very small percentage of us as they kill themselves. This is what all scientists know to be the Theory of Evolution and survival of the fittest. The herd will be thinned of the dumbest among us and the country will then be that much safer for those with a modicum of common sense. We can then move forward from there.

Finally, also be advised that the theory set forth in this post is also true for every profession; i.e. bus drivers know how to drive a bus better than non-bus drivers, singers can sing better than non-singers, NBA athletes are better at basketball than are football players and so on and so on. It really isn’t a hard concept.